The following sections apply to all sales unless agreed before sale in writing.

Small broken parts are accepted, together with broken main hypoid gears and bearings. We do however expect the main axle case, interior differential gear case, and the differential bevel and pinion gears themselves to be re-usable.

The main axle case must not have been subjected to cross threading of the level or drain plugs, or a surcharge may apply for repair to the case.

The differential bevel and pinion gears are no longer available as new. We therefore reserve the right to apply surcharges when these gears are no longer usable for whatever reason.

Old differential units that are returned for exchange MUST be complete and clean on the outside, and drained of any oil.

If serious internal axle damage is found we photograph the offending unit during stripping so the owner can view the evidence. We will normally inspect returned axles internally either by fully stripping, or by using endoscopes, before acceptance.

Old differentials remain the property of the original owner until we have issued an invoice. This issue indicates that we have accepted the old unit in full exchange to complete the sale.