We supply exchange axles or rebuild the customer's own differential.

We fully strip every axle passing through our workshop, all the bearings, seals and lock labs are automatically scrapped regardless. All parts are cleaned and pass through an identical cleaning process to that used for items that are usually chrome plated. This is a very thorough and vigorous deep cleaning process. At this stage the usable parts are examined, measured and checked for surface defects and worn, but reusable, parts are then machined, and, if required, re-hardened. Any stock parts are then submerged in preservative oil and placed into stock.

In nearly every case we have new pinion bearing housings machined that are much more robust and stronger than the original items. These give the bearings better support and, with the addition of other modifications to the axle, enable us to offer a warranty far exceeding that offered by the original manufacturer.

Absolute silence and smoothness is our aim. In this respect we have developed our own setting tooling for checking and setting dimensions. These enable us to have confidence that the hypoid gears are operating in exactly the position that they should when the axle is hot and running at speed.

We do not just replace the hypoid gears, we check and reset every adjustable component on the axles to reduce backlash to a minimum.

We use either cyanide or electric hardening, according to the component. Certain parts are nickel plated and de-stressed, including all our nuts and bolts, with the exception of parts that are new and are cadmium plated. All axle drive flanges are machined to square off the drive face and adapt the flange to take a modern oil seal. Finally the axle is subjected to an inverted 24 hour oil leakage test and then the assembly is painted one coat black, the side plates having been painted before assembly.

For customers who require no more than a rebuild of their existing low ratio Bentley MkVI axles, if the gears are good we can offer a conversion to taper bearings. We can also rebuild axles with the customer’s own supplied gear set, subject to conditions.

For Bentley MkVI / Bentley R type differentials we offer the later 12/41 (3.416:1) or 13/40 (3.08:1) ratios, normally ex-stock, or built into the customer’s own axle.

For Bentley S1 differentials we offer a special 13/40 (3.08:1) ratio that we find is more acceptable to the customer than the original 12/41 (3.416:1). It is our usual practice to endeavour to convert these axles to the later heavier duty axle casing, unless the owner requires absolute originality. We stock some Bentley S1 differentials but, due to the different build specifications used on these cars, we may not have every build spec ex-stock. See under “ Axle Identification”

In respect to Bentley S2 and S3 we offer the original S2 Continental ratio 13/38 (2.92:1). This was discontinued except to special order in 1960, but our customers find it ideal for fast touring work. Normally we will have these units ex-stock.