On occasion we need to know specific details about an axle or its attachments and in particular Bentley S1 axles, of which there are a number.

Our images show, for instance, types of Bentley S1 main axle cases and side plates and these are compounded by the use of different axle side bearings. We may also need to know the part numbers of both axle half shafts, this is always stamped on the flat surface at the outer end of the half shaft, between the wheel studs. These details enable us to identify the main axle case, the axle side cases, the main bearings and the type of pinion and bevel gears used.

We require both half shaft part numbers in the case of Bentley MkVI and Bentley R Types, when wheel bearing conversions are requested to be fitted to customer’s own half shafts. Some three different half shaft arrangements were fitted throughout the production. Although later cars should always be fitted with the latest half shafts, this is by no means the case, as many have been changed during their life.

We also require both half shaft part numbers in the case of Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith chassis, as some are fitted with incorrect half shafts.

In the case of Bentley S2 /S3 axles we only require half shaft numbers when a customer requests that we change the rear wheel bearings.

The customer will need to identify all the above points, so in turn we can supply the correct axle or parts. If any difficulty is experienced please do not hesitate to call us.

Customers would have some difficulty identifying Bentley MkVI and Bentley R type axle cases, with one exception. This is really of no great significance, in any event, but early axle cases will need some fettling and simple modifications to fit high ratio gear sets.

Three different axle cases were used during production, comprising of around 15 to 20 alternative castings. In theory they are nearly identical but in practice that is not the case. Advice will be given to any customer fitting one of our axle kits as to the simple modifications required, once we are aware of the axle case numbers.