Although we will gladly export exchange axles, and we very often do so, the time scale and shipping costs often make a rebuild kit more attractive in some markets. We supply kits when we are satisfied that the rebuilder, professional or the owner has certain basic facilities to enable the rebuild to be completed successfully.

When we are satisfied certain facilities are either available, or the rebuilder has access to the necessary equipment, we will then both talk through and supply images to that individual by e-mail, so that the axle may be rebuilt successfully. This we have done on many occasions all over the World, with success each time. Providing we have had certain tooling returned from previous customers, we will also arrange to loan this limited tooling to our kit customers. If we are unable to do so, at the very least we will advise on the simple proposals to make the tooling locally.

We strongly urge potential kit customers to contact us, before stripping the axle, so that we can provide them with free advice to ensure a smooth repair at minimum cost. This advice is given freely and the customer is under no obligation to buy any parts. In fact we actively encourage customers to obtain alternative prices before contacting us, it makes our lives so much easier!